I believe there is always a big reason behind any trip. Despite that it might be for vacation, a day off, a weekend, or even a business trip, there is always another hidden and more powerful reason -prepared perhaps by the universe, our own energy, or God- for doing the traveling. 

Sometimes you might notice it, sometimes you might not,  but the reason is there, intact, and there is nothing you can do against this kind of conspiracy from life.

I believe that traveling is a moment for you to clean things inside, to change, to see life from another perspective, to re-think, to let you feel again, more deeply, more intense. 

It might be also a chance for you to move on, to get away from suffering, to start healing, to smile, to see the sun and the brightness and magnificence of your life through the window, or even better, through your own eyes, again.

Sometimes it is difficult to realize this reason, as daily life somehow, sometimes, maintains our minds away, worrying us about what is urgent and making us postpone what is really important.

That is why I always try to have a break, to relax and think about myself, and my own life.  I try to recap, to make a summary of what I have lived between this trip and the previous one.  Somehow it feels like evolution.

Today, suddenly, without too much effort, and exactly just a few moments before taking this plane to get back home, the real travel begins, and lets me realize the true reason behind.