De Paradigmas y Libros Electrónicos

Hoy en día nos encontramos con un nuevo desarrollo tecnológico que romperá con otro paradigma que ha estado presente en nuestras vidas por años, y es el libro electrónico. Cambiar un paradigma es de las cosas más complicadas para los seres humanos. Quizá sea por eso que la adopción de los nuevos procesos y el avance tecnológico no sean tan rápidos como los entusiastas quisieran. Los seres humanos somos individuos de costumbres, de hábitos; incluso cabe recordar a Aristóteles: “Somos lo que repetidamente hacemos, por lo que la excelencia no es un acto, sino un hábito”. Nos cuesta mucho trabajo dejar de hacer las cosas como las hemos hecho siempre ya que representa una etapa de aprendizaje en donde toda nuestra experiencia ganada con el uso de la tecnología anterior quizá sea inútil comparada con el nuevo proceso.  Creo además que, entre más crecemos más nos resistimos al cambio, y Seguir leyendo

Carousel: Introducing the world’s first cinema proportion TV

Philips presents the world’s first truly cinematic TV that perfectly matches the original 2.39:1 movie format. That means no more annoying black bars on this ultra widescreen TV. For the launch, they created a great microsite featuring a mini movie called “Carousel”, by Adam Berg and Stink Digital. As explained in Publigeekaire, the website offers a “product experience” allowing users to compare how the new 21:9 format looks vs. the “traditional” 16:9.  It also let users try the “Ambilight” function.  On the other hand the users can “navigate” through the stop-motion video and discover different commentaries of directors on the perfect cinematic experience. Check the video also on Youtube. Via iBelieveinAdv

LGenius – How to improve TV

LGenius is a division of LG created to push the boundaries of imagination and their first mission is to take TV to the next level designing innovations around people’s needs.  With that in mind they invited people in the UK to submit ideas on making it better. Recently, in a conference at Korea LG introduced some truly genius innovations. Despite the funny part, there area really good ideas already submitted. Via

The threat against Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has ruled the Internet since its creation and it’s understood as “the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet“. In other words, it is about equal access to the Internet.  Not only in the US, but in Europe, there has been a lot of activity regarding the intention of  telecommunications companies (carriers) to take control over the content that is transmitted through their networks. Companies that have made their way based on Net Neutrality -such as Google, Amazon or e-Bay- are against this intention, and have joined with others to conform the Open Internet Coalition with the aim to protect an open Internet where everyone can access what they want when they want. Artists such as Moby and REM have also joined the cause through Save the Internet, another coalition that has the same Seguir leyendo

Sony Bravia Zoetrope

To promote Sony’s new Motionflow Bravia TV, Fallon built the world’s largest zoetrope, a rotating series of static images viewed through small slits, which was officially verified by the Guinness Book of Records. The filming of the zoetrope took place last November in the town of Venaria, near Turin, Italy. Via

Impress – Flexible Display

Impress is a tactile touchscreen created by Silke Silsing from FH Würzburg, and is a matter of a flexible display consisting of foam and force sensors which is deformable and feels pleasantly soft. Impress works with the parameters position and time like other touch screens as well, but in addition to that, it reacts, above all, on the intensity of pressure. impress – flexible display from Sillenet on Vimeo. For more information visit the website.  Via

KidZui – The Internet for Kids

Have you ever wonder how an Internet browser for kids might look like? Try KidZui, a free internet browser that offers a collection of over a million kid-friendly games, websites, pictures and Youtube videos. For parents, KidZui offers an online console to monitor their kids’ online activity and define what content is suitable for them to see. There is also a membership that lets kids get more features on the browser and enables parents with even more sophisticated parental controls.