Driven by Fun – The Fast Lane, by Volkswagen

Después de haber hecho The Fun Theory, donde la idea era mejorar las cosas cotidianas al hacerlas más divertidas, Volkswagen hace The Fast Lane, siguiendo el mismo concepto de mejorar la vida de la gente para bien. En Internet ya circulan varios videos, de entre los cuales les comparto éstos: The Slide ¿Por qué en el metro se tienen que bajar escaleras? ¿Por qué no colocar una resbaladilla? The Shopping Carts ¿Hay alguna manera de hacer el super más rápido? ¿Más divertido? The Elevator ¿Por qué no divertirse mientras se usa el elevador? Quizá sus autos no sean los mejores, los servicios y refacciones muy caros, consesionarios pésimos, y particularmente en México de los autos más robados, pero la filosofía de la marca me gusta, y quizá solo por eso me compraría uno.

Museums and Twitter (Step by Step)

A great thing happening around Social Media is that people can get with ease a lot of information about their interests.  In the Social Media era, people can -finally- get rid of all the Noise and grab the Signal. One of the most interesting uses of social networks such as Facebook or Twitter is the approach given by the sector of Arts and Culture.  It is still quite impressive how many digital marketing or social media agencies have not realized this great opportunity, and are letting Museums or Galleries go by their own in the use of social networks. Browsing across the Internet I found an interesting blog, called “Museum Marketing“, written by Jim Richardson, who posted an interesting article about how Museums can start working on Twitter. Despite the specific objective of teaching Museums how to start using the social network, the tips might be useful for companies or Seguir leyendo

How to add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page I am sure that you want to have some statistics and metrics about it.  To add Google Analytics to your fan page you just have to follow these steps: Setup Google Analytics Account. Create your custom img tag for each of your pages you like to track. For that purpose you can use this tool. Add the custom image html tag to the bottom of each page that you need to track. If you need additional information or want the solution for advanced users, then you should definitely read the WebDigi blog.

Measuring Happiness on Facebook

Earlier this week it was shared on Twitter the way Facebook measures happiness of its users, by analyzing the status updates and counting the positive words people use they got into some interesting conclusions: People who do not disclose their relationship status on FB are about 50% more negative than everyone else. People who are in a relationship or marriage do seem to be happier than everyone else. If you are interested, you should read the rest.

Social Influence Marketing Trends

Take a look at this great presentation by Shiv Singh from Razorfish about the importance of Social Media as part of the marketing mix. Explore how some companies have evolved from the Brand voice, to the Social voice and even to the Social Brand.  The point is that you’re never going to buy again anything alone, now you are influencing and been influenced by others, everyday. Via Online Media Gazette

Augmented Reality: Adidas

Few days ago Wired posted an article about the newest approach from Adidas on Augmented Reality as part of a campaign to be launched in February. Adidas shoes will come with codes in the tongue that allow you to hold it up to a web cam and launch a 3D world right in the palm of your hands. Adidas plans to introduce three games into the virtual neighborhood. The sneakers will then serve not only as the key to get in, but also act as the controller for the games. Augmented Reality has been said to be one of the trends for this year, but in fact it is not something new.  Four years ago, Latin American agencies such as Iconolab, were already working with that technology for digital marketing campaigns. Read more | Via  DigitalBuzz

7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Failed

So you have done everything but your Social Media Marketing is still not working? Maybe: You Chose the Wrong Channels You Used the Wrong People Your Content Sucked Your Team Didn’t Believe in the Project For knowing what else you might did wrong click here, you will even find how to fix it.

The Fun Theory

Fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better Volkswagen lanza “The Fun Theory“, un sitio donde se invita a la gente a enviar sus ideas para mejorar el comportamiento de la gente al transformar las cosas cotidianas en cosas divertidas.  La teoría es simple: La diversión es la manera más fácil de cambiar el comportamiento de la gente para bien.  El premio, 2500 euros. Acá algunos ejemplos: