Augmented Reality: The Next in Mobile User Experience

“Think of Augmented Reality as half virtual and half real. It takes existing physical spaces and supplements or “augments” them with information, objects, actions or interactions.” Some applications include: Location based Restaurant finder with reviews Location based Travel points of interest Virtual pet for the iPhone Public transportation schedule and station finder Virtual objects you can interact with in the real world Look at the videos to see great examples: More @ Demystifying Usability

Sony Japan to provide free Internet Access to PSP

Sony Japan has recently announced that, through an agreement with the WiFi company FON, is going to provide free Internet Access to all the PSPs. FON will install diverse access points across all the country to guarantee that the service is available nationwide. By these means, all the PSPs owners in the country will be able to play online, download demos, or surf the web using the device. Via: Meristation

The future of mobile: QR Codes

Random Culture has an interesting post about Quick Response Codes, which are being used extensively in Europe and Japan for mobile marketing campaigns.  These codes, created in Japan in 1994 by Denso-Wave are being used in marketing for mobile users to take a picture of the code or read a the codes with the cameras to trigger action on their mobiles, it could be to download some piece of content, get a message or go to a website. QR Codes might be placed in magazines, buses, signs, business cards to let users with the special software installed on the mobile to capture the image and executed the desired action. For more information go to Random Cuture or the Wikipedia.