Adding Twitter to your Business Model: A Real Life Example

A lot has been said about how to incorporate social media to the business.  Some companies had taken the path of creating profiles for their brands and products as if they were real people and start interacting with others. On the other hand there are real executives from companies that had just jumped into the social media to start a face-to-face real conversation with consumers.  Springwise brings us another example: A restaurant that has incorporated Twitter to its business model. Kogi Korean BBQ takes the taste of Korean barbecue and melds it with the portability of Mexican tacos and burritos. The company sells its food primarily through two trucks that are always on the go to new locations in the Los Angeles area—to know where to find them, customers must follow Kogi on Twitter (and more than 7,000 already do). More on Springwise.

IE8 Net History: Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft just launched this video to promote the new version of Internet Explorer. Instead of talking directly about the product, they made a funny video with celebrities talking about the Internet history. As Faris says, “The cool thing about being this huge gray corporation is that every time you don’t act like it, it’s awesome.”