5 Things Your Social Media Expert Should Know

Today, almost every company trying to increase its online presence wants to be part of the conversation. Most of them ask their agencies to develop strategies to “use” social media as part of their online marketing campaigns.  Starting from here, the approach is wrong.  As said previously, companies must not try to join the conversation, they must CREATE the conversation; and using social media must not be considered as part of the advertising activities.  Until you don’t get that, you won’t be successful with social media. It is clear that you, as a Marketing head of a company, might not necessarily know all about the Social Media stuff, and thus want hire a Social Media Expert to do the job.  Jason has just published at MarketingHackz his selection of the 5 things your social media expert should know: How to pitch bloggers: “Pitching bloggers requires more of a relationship than Seguir leyendo