Now every webpage on the Internet is Social – Google Sidewiki

Google recently announced  “Sidewiki“, a new feature that lets users leave comments about any website they visit. With this feature, of course, you will also be able to read the comments other people have left before you. “The impacts are far reaching, now every web page on the internet is social and can have consumer opinion –both positive and negative.” Read the full article at WebStrategist

Did You Know 4.0

“This completely new Fall 2009 version, designed by XPLANE, includes facts and stats focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology, and was developed in partnership with The Economist.” And if you want to see the real truth about online presentations you should definitely see this other version: Via TheInspirationRoom

Augmented Reality: The Next in Mobile User Experience

“Think of Augmented Reality as half virtual and half real. It takes existing physical spaces and supplements or “augments” them with information, objects, actions or interactions.” Some applications include: Location based Restaurant finder with reviews Location based Travel points of interest Virtual pet for the iPhone Public transportation schedule and station finder Virtual objects you can interact with in the real world Look at the videos to see great examples: More @ Demystifying Usability

Carousel: Introducing the world’s first cinema proportion TV

Philips presents the world’s first truly cinematic TV that perfectly matches the original 2.39:1 movie format. That means no more annoying black bars on this ultra widescreen TV. For the launch, they created a great microsite featuring a mini movie called “Carousel”, by Adam Berg and Stink Digital. As explained in Publigeekaire, the website offers a “product experience” allowing users to compare how the new 21:9 format looks vs. the “traditional” 16:9.  It also let users try the “Ambilight” function.  On the other hand the users can “navigate” through the stop-motion video and discover different commentaries of directors on the perfect cinematic experience. Check the video also on Youtube. Via iBelieveinAdv

Sony Bravia Zoetrope

To promote Sony’s new Motionflow Bravia TV, Fallon built the world’s largest zoetrope, a rotating series of static images viewed through small slits, which was officially verified by the Guinness Book of Records. The filming of the zoetrope took place last November in the town of Venaria, near Turin, Italy. Via