Augmented Reality: Adidas

Few days ago Wired posted an article about the newest approach from Adidas on Augmented Reality as part of a campaign to be launched in February. Adidas shoes will come with codes in the tongue that allow you to hold it up to a web cam and launch a 3D world right in the palm of your hands. Adidas plans to introduce three games into the virtual neighborhood. The sneakers will then serve not only as the key to get in, but also act as the controller for the games. Augmented Reality has been said to be one of the trends for this year, but in fact it is not something new.  Four years ago, Latin American agencies such as Iconolab, were already working with that technology for digital marketing campaigns. Read more | Via  DigitalBuzz

Augmented Reality: The Next in Mobile User Experience

“Think of Augmented Reality as half virtual and half real. It takes existing physical spaces and supplements or “augments” them with information, objects, actions or interactions.” Some applications include: Location based Restaurant finder with reviews Location based Travel points of interest Virtual pet for the iPhone Public transportation schedule and station finder Virtual objects you can interact with in the real world Look at the videos to see great examples: More @ Demystifying Usability