How to add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page I am sure that you want to have some statistics and metrics about it.  To add Google Analytics to your fan page you just have to follow these steps: Setup Google Analytics Account. Create your custom img tag for each of your pages you like to track. For that purpose you can use this tool. Add the custom image html tag to the bottom of each page that you need to track. If you need additional information or want the solution for advanced users, then you should definitely read the WebDigi blog.

7-Top Online Marketing Trends for 2008

Back in January, Heidi Cohen published in ClickZ her list for the 7-Top Online Marketing Trends for this year: Social media growth will come from expanded niche products. Search marketing will continue to extend its reach into other formats, including social, local, and mobile search. Analytics and related measurements will become more sophisticated. Behavioral targeting will become more widespread and will provide improved customer experiences, offering customers more relevant information to consumers and better targeted ads to marketers. Integration of on- and offline will continue as retailers update technology. E-mail communications will evolve. The market will disrupted by a new technology or a shift in how existing products are used. Moreover, she highlights some of the main metrics to measure: customers, revenues, expenses, margins, external factors and buzz. For a more in-deep explanation on each one read ClickZ