8 Things to Learn from Dating Sites

Is there something PR professionals can learn from dating sites? Sure! Those websites have been very successful because they commit to transparency and simplicity, in other words, users get what the site is offering, in a clear an expedited way. This week Conversation Agent posted around this topic and highlighted 8 things PR people can learn from dating sites: Clarity of intent – Dating sites are efficient and honest. It is about people, not numbers – There is no “follower” count. Simplicity rules – There are no complications, just easy steps. For the rest, click here.

Finding your competitor’s Digital Footprint

It is not always so easy for a company to figure out its own online presence or the one from their competitors.  When building an Online Marketing/PR strategy it is always necessary to know who is talking about you and what they are saying.  It is also important to know who is talking about your competitors and what it is been said. I recently collaborated in a Digital Footprint study for a well known software company, the study was focused on Mexico and Latin America and it was intended to identify the blogs, sites, and at the end, people, who were talking about the company and its brands.  The results are confidential, but they will enable the company to generate a strategy to start a relationship, or even a direct conversation with them. The tools we used were almost all from Google, but there are also other online tools out Seguir leyendo

The Evolution of Advertising & Public Relations

I just saw an interesting diagram posted by Todd Defren at PR-squared that shows the evolution of advertising vs. public relations in this Social Media era. “As you can see, PR is becoming increasingly interpersonal: there is a daily flow of interaction, responsiveness and adaptation going on amongst PR people and their ever-expanding publics. […] Meanwhile, the advertising folks are coming to embrace more and more user-generated content, but as PAID media (versus EARNED media). Advertising’s intrinsic, long-term value to the corporate brand is declining in the Social Media era. And the PR industry is the happy beneficiary.” The diagram is really insightful and yes, I agree with Todd, but the counterpart of this is that nowadays in Latin America (for example), there are no agencies that can advice corporations on a complete Digital PR strategy. Of course, you will find the traditional PR agencies that will offer some kind of “exercises” Seguir leyendo

Digital Public Relations vs. Digital Marketing

The web is a two way communication channel that permits people interact with others and share information of common interest. Some companies have been able to identify this and start conversations with their audiences directly. Those conversations, when managed correctly, can evolve into really strong and engaging relationships. In the past, public relations were supposed to focus only in maintaining a good relation with the media, journalists, editors and specific groups of interest. Within the Internet era, this whole new environment has forced companies to adapt their PR strategies to also include the audiences that can be reached online. Companies, in their effort of jumping into online conversations must consider that, besides journalists, editors and specific groups of interest, in the online world the audience is millions of people that daily use search engines and subscription services to stay alert of the topics they are interested in. Corporate Digital Public Seguir leyendo