8 Things to Learn from Dating Sites

Is there something PR professionals can learn from dating sites? Sure! Those websites have been very successful because they commit to transparency and simplicity, in other words, users get what the site is offering, in a clear an expedited way. This week Conversation Agent posted around this topic and highlighted 8 things PR people can learn from dating sites: Clarity of intent – Dating sites are efficient and honest. It is about people, not numbers – There is no “follower” count. Simplicity rules – There are no complications, just easy steps. For the rest, click here.

Carousel: Introducing the world’s first cinema proportion TV

Philips presents the world’s first truly cinematic TV that perfectly matches the original 2.39:1 movie format. That means no more annoying black bars on this ultra widescreen TV. For the launch, they created a great microsite featuring a mini movie called “Carousel”, by Adam Berg and Stink Digital. As explained in Publigeekaire, the website offers a “product experience” allowing users to compare how the new 21:9 format looks vs. the “traditional” 16:9.  It also let users try the “Ambilight” function.  On the other hand the users can “navigate” through the stop-motion video and discover different commentaries of directors on the perfect cinematic experience. Check the video also on Youtube. Via iBelieveinAdv

It’s not me, it’s you – Goodbye Agency!

Dear Agency, This isn’t easy for me. I couldn’t be happier. I’m leaving you. This one is not new, but is still good! Do you want to say goodbye to your agency but don’t want to hurt feelings? Don’t worry,  here you can generate your own letter by just answering a few questions.  Try it. Developed by Citrus.

Newseum: Today’s Front Pages

Ever wanted to know what are the main stories on newspapers around the World?  The Newseum, at Washington DC, makes it possible through its website.  Try the “Today’s Front Pages” section, select a country from the map and see the available newspaper’s front pages, you can even download them in PDF.  Great!

What would you do with a Camaro 2010?

Chevrolet Mexico has recently launched the teaser website for the Camaro 2010. Quite disappointing for such a famous car.  As almost all car-related websites around there, we expected a more engaging experience, but there isn’t.   On this website you can only see a 360° view of the car, submit your answer to the question “What would you do with a Camaro 2010?”, subscribe for a newsletter and see a timeline showing photographs of the car.  Don’t click. Vía Deutsch.blog

The Corona Beach

 A great one-try-and-never-come-back experience: The Corona Beach.  It is a really well done website with a nice interface and effects.  The bad thing is the lack of content. As Martina asks: Is it worth to spend a lot of money in a website that is not going to generate repeated visits?  I think it doesn’t. The guys at Grupo Modelo should re-think their online strategy for a while…  btw… why do they make these kind of nice and well-crafted websites for other countries and such awful ones for the Mexican market?