The Evolution of Advertising & Public Relations

I just saw an interesting diagram posted by Todd Defren at PR-squared that shows the evolution of advertising vs. public relations in this Social Media era. “As you can see, PR is becoming increasingly interpersonal: there is a daily flow of interaction, responsiveness and adaptation going on amongst PR people and their ever-expanding publics. […] Meanwhile, the advertising folks are coming to embrace more and more user-generated content, but as PAID media (versus EARNED media). Advertising’s intrinsic, long-term value to the corporate brand is declining in the Social Media era. And the PR industry is the happy beneficiary.” The diagram is really insightful and yes, I agree with Todd, but the counterpart of this is that nowadays in Latin America (for example), there are no agencies that can advice corporations on a complete Digital PR strategy. Of course, you will find the traditional PR agencies that will offer some kind of “exercises” Seguir leyendo