How to add Google Analytics to your Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page I am sure that you want to have some statistics and metrics about it.  To add Google Analytics to your fan page you just have to follow these steps: Setup Google Analytics Account. Create your custom img tag for each of your pages you like to track. For that purpose you can use this tool. Add the custom image html tag to the bottom of each page that you need to track. If you need additional information or want the solution for advanced users, then you should definitely read the WebDigi blog.

8 Things to Learn from Dating Sites

Is there something PR professionals can learn from dating sites? Sure! Those websites have been very successful because they commit to transparency and simplicity, in other words, users get what the site is offering, in a clear an expedited way. This week Conversation Agent posted around this topic and highlighted 8 things PR people can learn from dating sites: Clarity of intent – Dating sites are efficient and honest. It is about people, not numbers – There is no “follower” count. Simplicity rules – There are no complications, just easy steps. For the rest, click here.

7 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Failed

So you have done everything but your Social Media Marketing is still not working? Maybe: You Chose the Wrong Channels You Used the Wrong People Your Content Sucked Your Team Didn’t Believe in the Project For knowing what else you might did wrong click here, you will even find how to fix it.

Now every webpage on the Internet is Social – Google Sidewiki

Google recently announced  “Sidewiki“, a new feature that lets users leave comments about any website they visit. With this feature, of course, you will also be able to read the comments other people have left before you. “The impacts are far reaching, now every web page on the internet is social and can have consumer opinion –both positive and negative.” Read the full article at WebStrategist

40% of Tweets are Pointless Babble

If Twitter was a Village formed by 100 people,  5 of them would be known as loud mouths who create 75% of all the Twitter conversations. Twenty people would be dead because they have not tweeted at all, and 50 users would be lazy, whereby they have not tweeted at all in the past week. Moreover, from the average 100 tweets, 40% would be pointless babble… See the full study at Information is Beautiful Via CMSWire

Top 20 Countries for Social Networks Engagement

ComScore released last month results over an interesting study to identify the “Top 20 Highest Engagement Social Networking Country Audiences“.  With 6.6 hours and 1307 pages per visitor per month, it was surprising that Russia has the most engaged audience, followed by Brazil and Canada.   Mexico is ranked #11, with 4 hours and 488 pages per visitor per month. Read the Press Release.

2012: The Mayan Prophecy

I’m sure you have already heard about the Mayan prophecy regarding the supposed end of the World on December 21st, 2012. Despite of the veracity of this interpretation, there is already a trailer of a movie about this subject.  It is interesting to notice that at the end of the trailer, instead of giving a URL for a website, they suggest you to Google: 2012. The results, as Daniel reports on his post, are a set of different websites and content even on social networks to start making buzz around the movie. As you have noticed, this is a completely new way of introducing a movie, and yes, it is viral. For details read Adverblog

Adding Twitter to your Business Model: A Real Life Example

A lot has been said about how to incorporate social media to the business.  Some companies had taken the path of creating profiles for their brands and products as if they were real people and start interacting with others. On the other hand there are real executives from companies that had just jumped into the social media to start a face-to-face real conversation with consumers.  Springwise brings us another example: A restaurant that has incorporated Twitter to its business model. Kogi Korean BBQ takes the taste of Korean barbecue and melds it with the portability of Mexican tacos and burritos. The company sells its food primarily through two trucks that are always on the go to new locations in the Los Angeles area—to know where to find them, customers must follow Kogi on Twitter (and more than 7,000 already do). More on Springwise.