Infografía: Social Media en las empresas Fortune 100

Les comparto una interesante infografía sobre la manera en la que las empresas de Fortune 100 alrededor del mundo están abordando las redes sociales. Algunos datos interesantes: 65% tienen cuenta en Twitter 54% tienen cuenta en Facebook 50% tienen cuenta en YouTube y sólo el 33% tienen un blog corporativo Además 20% de las empresas utilizan las cuatro herramientas Publican en Facebook con un promedio de 3.6 post a la semana Via FastCoDesign, más en iStrategy2010

The Old Spice Campaign

I am quite sure that if you are like me, always monitoring what is going on with Social Media and new online marketing trends, then you have seen already the Old Spice Media Campaign that basically exploded some days ago and it is now considered as one of the most popular viral campaigns in history. What is this campaign about? Well, Old Spice and its marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy hired Isaiah Mustafa, an ex football player and actor, to be the “ridiculously handsome” Old Spice Guy.  He appeared in a Super Bowl ad this year and continued the campaign by appearing in around 180 online videos answering directly to the users that have been posting or commenting about him in many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg and Reddit.  Within the persons he responds to, there are celebrities and reporters. The Old Spice guy recorded his video responses in Seguir leyendo